When Feeling Lost, Use This Prayer to Be at Peace

THE WORLD GETS TO ALL OF US. But sometimes, it can overwhelm. When this happens, it's usually not long before we fall into despair. What to do?

'We must turn to God and let go of our heavy burden first,' says Golden Prayer author Edward Weiss. 'If we don't, we will spend our time working the wrong problem - the world instead of God and never find our way out.' Edward continues...

"To relieve your own guilt, to relieve your sense of failure and frustration in the world, you must be redeemed in God's eyes. When this happens, all self-hatred is replaced by the light and love of God. You'll stop punishing yourself and you'll be able to breathe freely once more."

When feeling lost, pray the prayer: 'LET GO, FOR I AM HERE' (more here)

This Jewish-inspired prayer works, says Weiss, because it asks you to rely upon God. 'You must surrender and renounce control,' says Edward. 'So difficult to do when you're entrenched in your problems but absolutely necessary in order for God to come in and carry the load.'

Yours in peace,
Edward Weiss

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  1. How timely to have checked out The Golden Prayer at a time like this, where WHO has already called for a global pandemic. Like the intro of this post,"The world gets to all of us" -- yes indeed, sometimes it can even overwhelm. But I find solace in the fact that prayer has always helped me in times of trouble, and praying now may not [immediately] change the situation outside to how I want it to be but it aids me in finding peace within. Know that all needs are met in God. He has that kind of power. The Golden Prayer would definitely be a great guide in these trying times. Get the book, you'd be glad you did!


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