Ancient Jewish Wisdom Comes to Life

Judaism is over five-thousand years old. That's old enough to be called ancient by modern standards, and yet, what is this ancient wisdom? To be happy, love God more than the world, or so says Edward Weiss, author of the book The Golden Prayer. Weiss, who was born and raised in the Jewish faith, says the world is the great test, and if we desire it more than God, we fail the test. Edward comments on this... 

"When the power of the world pulls us in, we forget what we are, and instead of feeling like a child of God, we fall and become the son of Man. This happens over and over again until there is a tipping point; a time where finally, you are not living your life, but God is living His life through you. This is the highest virtue to which we can attain, and that, through the power of prayer."

Weiss's book The Golden Prayer is all about relying upon God. In fact, for this author, it's the cardinal rule to live by. Again, Edward comments...

"The most important choice we make on a daily basis, is whether we will put God first or the world. If we put the world first, we fall and move into bondage. This is the unfortunate choice most of us make, and we suffer because of it, but those who choose God have God, and with God, there is peace, joy, and hope for the future!"   

YOUR SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS IS OVER! To have a happy life, let go and place it in God’s hands. Children do this and are supremely happy. Adults forget to do this... and search the world for the peace they once had. Fortunately, you have The Golden Prayer! On SALE today! Just $9.46! Get it on Amazon!