Lead a Simple Life in Harmony with God

In The Golden Prayer, bestselling author Edward Weiss takes readers on a journey where God is always present and we find what we've been searching for all along; the constant joy of knowing our place. Based on ancient Jewish wisdom, the promise of The Golden Prayer is simple: to take you from someone in need to someone who knows... all needs are met in God!

  • Amazon bestseller in Religion/Spirituality
  • Translated into multiple languages worldwide
  • Featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC
LEAD A SIMPLE LIFE IN HARMONY WITH GOD! Life is difficult. Until we start putting God first in all things. Then, relief floods in. Our worldly cares become less and less important. That’s because we found something better to take their place! This is what The Golden Prayer has to offer you! On sale now. Get 30% off today! Just $9.46! Read reviews and get it on Amazon!