When Feeling Lost, Use This Prayer to Be at Peace

Some people worry constantly. They worry about past, present, and future. What's the way out? According to 'Golden Prayer' author Edward Weiss, reliance upon God is. Nothing new here of course, except for the prayer itself. For Weiss, if we want freedom from worry, we must let go and let God. Edward comments on this...

"All of us worry. But if we don't intercede, if we don't stop the flow of thoughts, they can take us over. This is why prayer is such a potent tool; it reminds us of what's important. Anyone can use this prayer, based on ancient Jewish wisdom, to move towards the light."

To be at peace at anytime, pray the prayer: 'LET GO, FOR I AM HERE' (more here)

Why it works... If we want peace, the first thing we must do is surrender or let go. Until this happens, our will is in control and this is the main problem. Once we let go and depend on God, our problems melt as we see them in perspective. According to Weiss, "The Golden Prayer goes to the heart of what ails us; trying to control people and the world. We let go of them and are finally free."

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