About The Author: Edward Weiss

Where is happiness? For most, it's in the pursuit of fame, fortune, and then, in objects of the world. But for Edward Weiss, author of The Golden Prayer, true happiness lies in knowing what we are in God, and once known, to always remember it. For Weiss, the path really is straight and narrow as he finds happiness in reliance upon God. Edward comments…

"Most are raised to pursue happiness in the world, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with this, if this is all you have, you're going to be wanting because the world only satisfies, partially."

How long does it take people to realize the 'wanting nature' of the world? According to Weiss, it can take an entire life time as its easy to be pulled in and seduced by the world. Fortunately, says Weiss… "it's the pain of unsatisfied desire that calls all to answer the question; what will make me happy?"

For Weiss, there is nothing new under the Sun. Reliance upon God is the answer. "We must hear the word of God, and then obey it," says Weiss. "And until we hear it, we will be in bondage." All this reduces to surrendering, to letting go. "This is the real hero's journey," says Weiss. "The journey the son of Man makes to become a child of God."

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