Making Prayer a Daily Practice

If peace of spirit is your goal, then it's a good idea to have prayer planned throughout the day. Each time you practice your routine, you reinforce it. And soon, maybe sooner than you think, you'll be looking forward to your scheduled time with God. Ready for your life to get substantially better? Here are three times you can pray during the day:

Note: You can either pick a time to pray and stick with it, or schedule prayer before or after other rituals like your morning shower or afternoon lunch. The idea is to make it a 'happy habit.'

Morning Prayer
In the morning our minds, though seemingly clear, have been through much. After the cobwebs clear, it's a good time to connect with God. To start the day with this connection is the best possible way to start it! We take a prayer, work with it until we feel God's presence, and then rest. We have made contact and are rejuvenated with the spirit of the Lord. Now, the day can begin with confidence! It does not have to be any more complicated than that. 

Afternoon Prayer
In the afternoon we are usually busy, going about the day. Yet this doesn't mean we should put the world before God. God always comes first, hence, we take the time to pray. Not much time is required here. A minute or two is fine. Again, when we feel God's presence our work is done.

Evening Prayer
Evening time is rest time for most on the planet. It's the time when our work is done and we can finally unwind. This pleasant routine doesn't have to be interrupted by prayer. It's before we go to sleep that praying is a good idea. Once again, we pray, make conscious contact with God, then retire, happy that we are becoming closer and closer to God.

Of course, the question often comes up: 'What if I pray and don't feel God's presence?' A valid point. The answer is, you did the work. There are times we try to connect and can not. We all know these times. The idea here is never to force, never to try and take the Kingdom by will. This can not be done. We persist with prayer and our efforts are rewarded. We persist with prayer, and we move that much closer to God.

Yours in peace,
Edward Weiss

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