Peace Prevails in 'Everything Belongs to God'

Devotionals have always been popular. That's because people need God. Yet most devotionals are geared towards the Christian reader and faith. This devotional is different. The author, Edward Weiss, comes from a Jewish perspective, meaning a lot of talk about God and turning to Him as the solution for all problems.

For Weiss, the problem is simple; we either serve God or the world. Weiss talks about this...

"The Jewish path has always been to love God more than the world. Here is the way towards salvation as freedom lies in God, not in striving for the things of the world. By turning to Him, we embrace our own freedom."

Each devotional in the book is written to deeply impact the reader, drawing them closer to God. In fact, Weiss says, all one has to do is read the book and they will experience 'peace of spirit.' Again, Edward comments...

"The idea behind this devotional is 'everything belongs to God.' To know this, to understand this fully is all one needs to know, as by knowing this, one knows their own status as child of God. Here is the path that is straight and narrow, but never easy; surrendering our lives to God so that he may live His life through us."

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