The Silver Meditation: Connect With God In a Simple Way that Works

“Give to a wise man, and he will be
yet wiser; teach a righteous man, and
he will increase in learning.”
~ Proverbs


Like apples of gold in settings of silver, our connection with God is restored as we practice the simple words: ‘The LORD is with me; the LORD is one.’ Reflection upon these words will lift you out of despair and place you where you belong... alongside God! This is what The Silver Meditation has to offer you.

Are You Ready To Know God?
  1. Make yourself comfortable.
  2. Seated positions are fine
  3. Close your eyes. In your mind, say the words: ‘The LORD is with me; the LORD is one’
  4. Practice for 1-minute
The idea behind meditation is to get comfortable with just being. Ironically, this is what we desire most but do our best to avoid. Why? Because we want power and control, not peace of spirit. All that’s about to change.


The truth is, we belong to God. The Silver Meditation reminds you of this relationship. When you say the words ‘The LORD is with me; the LORD is one,’ you are letting go of control. You are surrendering your authority and turning it over to the only real authority there is... God.

When you get this, really get it, you will smile inwardly as you reclaim your status as child of God. When this happens, you will have glimpsed the face of God and you will know Him aright. And you will see... you can never be alone again.


Step’s 1 and 2 above are self explanatory. You want to be comfortable and undisturbed for at least 1 minute. Why 1-minute? Because it’s better to start small and work your way up. Step 3 brings in The Silver Meditation. After closing your eyes for a second or two, slowly say the words: ‘The LORD is with me; the LORD is one.’ Then, and this is important, rest and do nothing.

Thoughts will come and go. Let them. Here is where we let go of our tight grip on the world and place the burden upon God, who is more than happy to bear it. The good news is, you don't have to carry the world anymore! The key at this step is to say the words and gently bring them back to mind when you feel you are drifting off. There is nothing more to it than this.


The answer’s easy - you’ll feel deep contentment. This may be the first time you are asked to do nothing. People have strange reactions to doing nothing. This is because their minds are always racing with the problems and worries of the day.

You'll find it a fascinating experience witnessing your thoughts, none of which in the scheme of things holds much importance. You'll notice this more and more as you exchange the burden of the world, for the peace of God.


Meditation is a gift you give yourself to know peace. Most people feel OK in the morning. It's the end of the day when the mind races and the importance of the world takes center stage. It's at this time meditation can be most helpful.

Whenever stress starts to build and the world starts to claim you, it's a good time to find 1-minute to meditate if you can. This is what will keep you centered and calm in the midst of the storm. When you are centered in God there's not much the world can throw at you that you won’t be able to face, because you won’t be facing it alone.


Meditation is considered more difficult than prayer, and it is… to an already anxious mind. When we’re worried or upset, it is very difficult to quiet the mind. This is where prayer comes to our rescue, because with prayer, what we’re looking for is to ‘cut through’ the noise with a simple message that helps us remember God. 

Prayer and meditation can be used together, and they often are, but for those who need rescuing from the world now, prayer is the spiritual balm they turn to. Meditation works best when our minds are already relaxed, because it is then easier to hear the message. 

Yours in peace,
Edward Weiss

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